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Experience the Unyielding Spirit of Resilience



On September 24, 2022, Hurricane Fiona struck the Southwest coast of Newfoundland and Labrador with unprecedented ferocity, marking the region’s most devastating natural disaster in history. "Hurricane Fiona: After the Storm" is not just a chronicle of this catastrophic event; it is a profound exploration of human resilience, community strength, and the pressing issue of climate change.


Through the lens of award-winning Canadian journalist Rosalyn Roy, this compelling narrative is brought to life with exclusive photographs, gripping firsthand accounts, and meticulous reporting. Witness the sheer terror and destruction as Fiona unleashed her might, and discover the inspiring stories of recovery and unity that followed.


This book delves deep into the heart of the disaster, showcasing the remarkable resilience that emerged from the ruins. It highlights the collective efforts of communities, the heroism of volunteers, and the pivotal role of government agencies in the face of adversity. Beyond the immediate aftermath, "Hurricane Fiona: After the Storm" reflects on the lasting scars, the determined efforts to rebuild, and the critical lessons learned about our environment's fragility and the global climate crisis.


Featuring stunning photography that captures both the devastation and the human spirit's indomitable triumphs, this narrative is a testament to the power of community and the unbreakable will to forge ahead. It's a story of hope, compassion, and an urgent call to action against climate change.


Join Rosalyn Roy on an unforgettable journey through the storm's eye and beyond, celebrating the unassailable spirit of those who stand resilient in the face of nature's wrath.

Hurricane Fiona: After the Storm

SKU: 9781738088614
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