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A Visual Chronicle of Port aux Basques Through Decades of Change


"Reflections" takes you on a visual journey to Port aux Basques as captured by the lens of René J. Roy, an award-winning photojournalist renowned for his compelling imagery, including the notable "The Blue House" photograph during Hurricane Fiona. However, this book offers a unique perspective, showcasing the town in a serene light, a full year before it was irrevocably altered by nature's might.


Within these pages, René presents a series of before-and-after photographs, capturing the essence of Port aux Basques in 2021 against its historical backdrop from decades past. Each pair of images, meticulously shot from the same vantage points but years apart, narrates the subtle yet profound transformations of this coastal town, emphasizing the changes wrought by time rather than the tempest.


"Reflections" is a poignant homage to Port aux Basques, serving as a crucial historical record and a visual testament to the town's evolving landscape. It stands as a vital companion to "Hurricane Fiona: After the Storm," offering readers a comprehensive view of the town's beauty and heritage before the hurricane's impact.


Join René J. Roy on a reflective voyage through time, exploring the enduring charm and legacy of Port aux Basques. Through his award-winning photography, "Reflections" immortalizes the moments of tranquillity and the inevitable shifts of time, inviting us to appreciate the fleeting beauty of our surroundings.


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