Ride a Wild Horse

Ride a Wild Horse


Five years ago Catherine Martin fled her uncle's horse ranch in heartbreak and disgrace, but upon her return she seizes an opportunity to destroy the powerful cattle baron who now threatens to ruin the only family she has left.

Caleb Grant appears determined to win her back and maintain control of his family’s vast cattle empire, but as the two grow close once again she suspects he has more sinister motives in mind.

Standing directly in their way is Civil War veteran-turned-rancher, Luke Calhoun. Luke would make for a perfect ally for Catherine, but like his adversary, sees Catherine as little more than a potential wife.

While the two men fight for dominance over the territory and each other, Catherine is forced to act to protect those she loves most with surprising and deadly consequences. Much too late, the men realize she is no damsel in distress, but a strong and intelligent woman with dreams of her own.

This novel was largely inspired by true events surrounding Arizona's Pleasant Valley War, one of the bloodiest and well-known range wars of the American wild west.

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