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A Tale of Passion and Power in the Wild West


Dive into the tumultuous world of the Wild West in "Ride A Wild Horse," a gripping historical romantic fiction novel that blends passionate encounters with the gritty realities of America's frontier. Inspired by the true events of Arizona's Pleasant Valley War, this narrative weaves a tale of heartbreak, revenge, and the quest for power.


Five years after escaping the shadows of disgrace from her uncle's horse ranch, Catherine Martin returns, embroiled in a fierce battle to safeguard her remaining family from a ruthless cattle baron's ambitions. Caught between her past and the looming threat, Catherine finds herself once again ensnared by Caleb Grant's attempts to reclaim her heart and secure his family's cattle dynasty. Yet, Catherine harbours doubts about Caleb's true intentions, suspecting a darker agenda behind his advances.


Enter Luke Calhoun, a Civil War veteran and determined rancher, who stands as both an obstacle and a potential ally in Catherine's fight. Torn between the affections of two formidable men, each viewing her as a prize to be won, Catherine must navigate a path filled with danger and desire. As tensions escalate, her actions to defend her loved ones trigger unforeseen and fatal twists, challenging the perceptions of those who underestimated her.


"Ride A Wild Horse" is a vivid portrayal of a woman's struggle to assert her will and achieve her dreams amidst the male-dominated landscape of the American West. With scenes that sizzle with passion and a storyline rich in historical detail, this novel promises to enthrall readers, transporting them to an era where love and power collide with explosive results.

Ride a Wild Horse

SKU: 9780994813602
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