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Horoscopes by Jackiee Sweet

For the week of November 30, 2020.


Things will get easier for you. You will want to travel and explore new ideas and meet people from different backgrounds because you want to expand your world! And you will. However don’t trust everyone you meet – not everyone has pure intentions like you do.


Focus on shared property, taxes, debt, loans, mortgages, inheritances and the responsibilities you have for others will be stronger. You will have successful discussions with everyone. This will help you clarify and explain issues to others. You will express your affection to others more easily. There may even be improvement in your relations with enemies or anyone with whom you are in conflict. It’s a good thing.


Your energy will be flagging. This means you need more sleep. In addition, it means it’s time to bring your affairs to a culmination, but be careful about dealing with authority figures. If you have a sense of failure about something, accept this and move on. You can start over.


Adventures and fun times are on the horizon. You will want to get better organized and figure out how to work efficiently. Even if you are your own boss, your actions will be dictated by others at this time. Nevertheless, explore sports, social activities and romantic dreams.


Lucky you! This week is promising because it will be more playful, more lighthearted and more fun-loving. Enjoy happier relations with kids and warmer relationships with your main squeeze. You have a strong urge to express yourself; maybe redecorate. Expect to enjoy warmer relations with family. Meanwhile, you should explore new ideas and finish major projects.


You will welcome this chance to stay at home this week and focus on your private life, home and family. You also might be more involved with a parent. Childhood memories and discussions about the past will pop up. Appreciate your daily surroundings.


You will have a busy schedule of appointments, errands, discussions with others, increased involvement with relatives and siblings, as well as being more active reading, writing and studying. You likely will get burned out quickly so don’t hesitate to take time for yourself this week. It’s nice to help others but remember who comes first.


You are diplomatic and charming at the same time which increases your desire to relate to others. Enjoy good times with friends. It’s also an excellent time to change your wardrobe. You will have a busy mind and be keen to communicate. However this can be turned back on to yourself so be careful.


You are energized, sassy, and keen to express yourself. The Sun will also attract favourable situations and people to you. You may dig up solutions to old problems. Now relations with romantic partners will improve, as well as relations with family.


The window of time to retreat has arrived. This means many of you will choose to be more reclusive and perhaps work alone or behind the scenes. However, two influences will counter this impulse and it will definitely encourage discussions with friends, especially groups. You might want to discuss problems with others or your future goals, but keep it to yourself.


You might also question your role in a group. One thing is certain, although you want to work with a friend or a team, it’s important for you to establish who you are. You need to maintain your own image. You might also want to pick apart your friends because in large measure, they are a reflection of who you are. Relations with parents and authority figures will be at an all time high.


You are in a spotlight, and this spotlight is flattering! This means others admire you and think you are super capable even if you don’t do anything special. Because you have all this going for you, now is the time to advance yourself! Ask for what you want! Jump in and go for it.

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