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Letters: Sad air affair

Sad days for Canadian air travellers. Sad days for rotational workers. Announcements of airlines pulling out of regional airports in Atlantic Canada has placed more stress and expense on the lives of NL families.

Rotational workers are essential. Rotational workers are critical to Atlantic Canada’s economic well being. Rotational workers need reasonable connections within Atlantic Canada to travel to jobs sites.

The social and economic well being of the southwest corner of this province thrives from the benefits of being the home of so many rotational workers. We need to stand in support.

Canada has no national airline carrier addressing Canadian needs. Privatization has not worked. Privatization operates on higher fares and investor dividends.

Canadians are paying too much for movement within this vast nation. Canada, geographically, the second largest country in the world, needs a national carrier at a reasonable cost with a reasonable expectation for ease of travel for essential workers and travelling families.

Canada needs a national airline carrier that is truly national in scope.

Privatizing Air Canada in 1989, a move designed to stimulate competition among airline carriers and place a greater emphasis on market dynamics, needs to be revisited.

It is not enough to say tough times demand tough choices. The pandemic has changed everything. Canada’s airline industry needs strategic federal and provincial support. It has to start with a national airline carrier that is truly national in scope.


John Spencer, Mayor

Channel-Port Aux Basques

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